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Christopher Koroneos

Associate Professor
University of Western Macedonia

Biography: Christopher Koroneos is an Associate Professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia, PPC Chair of Renewable Energy and Management of Energy Sources. Visiting Professor at the National Technical University of Athens. Research Associate from Earth Engineering Center at Columbia University(USA). He Qualified with M. Ph. Energy Science at New York University, Ph.D. from Chemical Engineering at Columbia University. 

Bing H Chen

Xiamen University

Biography: Bing H Chen Dean of Energy and Chemical Engineering Department, Xiamen University, Malaysia. General Secretary of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China. Head of the Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Xiamen University, China. Qualified with Ph.D. University of Leeds (UK), MSc Zhejiang University (China), BEng Huaqiao University (China), Department of Chemical Engineering.

Zhihui Shao

Yunnan University

Biography: Zhihui Shao is a Professor and also a Vice Dean of the School of Chemical Science and Technology at Yunnan University and Member of American Chemical Society. He is a Senior Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, Postdoc Fellow at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Postdoc Fellow at University of Montreal, Ph.D. at Lanzhou University. Research Interests are Asymmetric catalysis, asymmetric catalysis-based total synthesis

Antonella Gervasini

University of Milan

Biography: Antonella Gervasini is currently a Professor from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Milan (UMIL). She Qualified with Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences from the University of Milan, a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from the same University. research interest is framed in different subjects of the experimental physical-chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis.

Massimiliano Lo Faro

Italian National Research Council

Biography: Massimiliano Lo Faro is working as a Researcher in the Italian National Research Council, Department of Chemical sciences. He has 15 years of experience in the field of electrochemistry. He Qualified with Ph.D. in Materials for Environment and Energy from the University of TorVergata, Rome. He obtained a European Grant for a Master at National Research Council (CNR)

Shanghong Zeng

Inner Mongolia University

Biography: Shanghong Zeng is a Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Inner Mongolia University. Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry at the State University of New York at Binghamton. Qualified with Ph. Eng. D Industrial Catalysis, M. Sc Chemical Engineering and Technology. Member of the American chemical society and Chinese chemical society, The Most recent publication is 'Honeycomb porous carbon frameworks from wheat flour as supports for CuxO-CeO2 monolithic catalysts'.

PR China
Lang Chen

Associate Professor
Hunan University
PR China

Biography: Lang Chen is an Associate professor in Chemical Engineering at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University (Changsha, China). His research interests are focused on the design, synthesis, and application of efficient heterogeneous photocatalysts. He is a co-author of 60+ journal publications with H-index of 25.

PR China
Meng Gu

Associate Professor
Southern University of Science and Technology
PR China

Biography: Meng Gu is working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology. His team is specialized in the probing the structure-property relationship of energy-related materials.

Dhruba B. Khadka

Research Scientist
National Institute for Materials Science

Biography: Dhruba B. Khadka is a Research Scientist in the field of Halide based Semiconductor for Optoelectronic applications at the National Institute for Materials Science. He is a Doctor of Philosophy field of Semiconductor Physics from Incheon National University.  Specialization in Energy Materials, Thin film, Green Chemistry, Chalcogenide, Halide based Semiconductors, and Device Physics. He Awarded of Innovation was granted by the National Institute for Materials Science, Japan for "Characterization of efficiency loss mechanism in perovskite photovoltaics using capacitance spectroscopy".

Xiaoyun Hu

Associate Professor
South-Central University for Nationalities

Biography: Xiaoyun Hu is currently working as an Associate Professor from the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science at South-Central University for Nationalities. He also worked as a Visiting Scholar at McGill University, Canada. He completed his Ph.D. at Wuhan University, China. His Research Interests are Asymmetric catalysis, chirality, supramolecular chemistry, green chemistry.

Eugenio Meloni

University of Salerno

Biography: Eugenio Meloni is a Researcher from the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno, Italy. Subject expert in Industrial Chemistry and Industrial Catalysis at the University of Salerno.  His researches involve the formulation, preparation, characterization, and testing of structured catalysts for soot abatement emitted by diesel engines or bio-mass combustion plants, and the intensification of different catalytic processes, also employing alternative energy sources. 

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